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You are always on the safe side when skiing or snowshoeing with Helicon Lite. The shaft made of high-strength aluminium keeps up with all your moves. The lightweight; reliable Speed Lock + adjustment system allows quick and uncomplicated adjustment of the pole length. The Evocon Soft grip lies comfortably in the hand and supports you with a multitude of grip variants. The strap can be easily adjusted to the required length. With a pack size of 95 cm; the pole can be easily stowed away on the backpack. The Binding Baskets are very practical. They allow you to use the bindings and climbing aids of your backcountry skis comfortably in a standing position.


  • Round top
  • Security strap – adjustable
  • Positive angle 8°

Speed Lock: Extremely fast adjustment of the pole length. 35% lighter; 27% smaller and same holding force as SL1

Aluminum HTS: Super stable; extremely robust and very durable.


  • Short edge helps to adjust climbing aid.
  • Long edge helps to remove ice from skins.

Flex Tip Long: More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.



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