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Boot Fitting – What You Need To Know

If boots aren’t comfortable or they don’t fit properly, the energy loss in turns is dramatic. We offer the best boot fitting Ruapehu has to offer.

To improve the comfort and performance of your skiing or snowboarding it is vital your boots are correctly fitted. Your boots should be contacting all areas of your foot and holding it in a comfortable wrap. There should be no slipping forward, minimal heel lift and your toes should be able to comfortably feel the front of the boot. 99% of people would not find a ski boot comfortable straight off the shelf. Ski and Snowboard boots are mass-produced and often need some form of customization to give you the right comfort and precision as well as better blood circulation.

The Alpine Centre - boot fitting Ruapehu

There are multiple options available to customize your boots and ensure a great fit:

  • Pre-moulded footbeds
  • Technical socks
  • Custom footbeds
  • Custom innerboots
  • Tools to stretch your boots.

Your first two most important choices to getting your boots fitting right are

  • Using good quality technical Socks like Smartwool
  • Having Ergonomic Insoles or Custom Footbeds fitted to your boots.

Smartwool Socks

Investing in a good technical Ski or Snowboard sock is vital to the enhancement of your boot fitting process. At Snowzone we use, trust and recommend Smartwool Socks. Smartwool socks have Superior fit, serious comfort, and durability. Smartwool wicks, absorbs and evaporates more efficiently than any other fiber, including synthetics. Smartwool Fiber is odour free. Plus it’s home grown – although an imported sock only the finest grown New Zealand Merino Fiber is selected to become Smartwool. Smartwool offer a range of Technical socks for Skiing and Snowboarding specifically designed for individual needs.

3Feet Insoles

3Feet Insoles are a cost effective way to provide comfort and stability in your boots. For around only $50 you can purchase an off the shelf footbed solution, that may be suitable for your budget and feet. 3Feet come in 3 arch heights (Low, Medium, High) and 6 sizes dependant on your foot size and arch length.

Custom Footbeds / Insoles

Generally boots come standard with flat felt footbeds that offer the wearer no support under the arch and around the heel allowing the foot arch to constantly collapse causing unnecessary foot fatigue and discomfort. Custom Footbeds are designed to equalize the pressure under the foot to provide the right kind of support and comfort. All foot types can benefit from custom insoles by improving comfort, performance and weight distribution while aligning the lower leg they decrease fatigue, impact and shock.

A custom made footbed will

  • Relieve foot pain & muscle fatigue
  • Maximize balance & stability
  • Increase comfort, blood flow & warmth
  • Boost power & precision

At Snowzone we have trained Bootfitting Technicians using a Sidas Technologies Customlab and Conformable custom footbeds. A custom footbed generally takes around 1 hour to fit and produce. Usually a 1/2 hour fitting with the customer and then another 1/2 hour is needed for the Boot Fitter Technician to grind the footbed to size and shape and add a heel stabilizer.

To make a booking for a One-to-One Custom Footbed fitting with one of our Bootfitting Technicians please contact us for your best boot fitting Ruapehu experience.

Discover all the Sidas skiing solutions to improve comfort and reduce pain. Comfort like you’ve never felt before !