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With their Shortmax that is only 125cm long; Salomon is inviting every skier out there to have more fun than they ever had on skis. Short skis are extremely playful and easy to move around; giving skiers perfect control from the first run on. You get a similar feel as when you are rollerblading or iceskating; but in a much more enjoyable landscape!

What can the Salomon Shortmax 125 do?

This toy was designed for recreational use on piste. No need to be a pro skier to have fun with the Shortmax. You will link flawless turns immediately; the short length of the ski makes it incredibly agile and fun to move around. It is playful and forgiving Do not buy it if you look for high performance though; it is not as stable as a traditional ski and the shorter edges make the ski a little less grippy. Same on powder; the Shortmax is not a surf and it is exclusive to groomed snow. But if your mission is to have fun with a short ski; link short turns and jump off natural bumps on the slopes; then the Shortmax is a good choice.

Who is the Salomon Shortmax 125 designed for?

This mini ski is best suited for beginner and intermediate skiers who don’t want to bother with technique and who want to skip to the fun part directly. Effortless and undemanding; the Shortmax is a fantastic joy machine.

What are the main assets of the Salomon Shortmax 125?

  • Easy
  • Playfull
  • Agile


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